About Armenia

Welcome to Armenia!
 It is not easy to leave Armenia; it is more difficult not to return there”  Mandelstam 
General information
Official name: Republic of Armenia in Armenian       
Area: 29.74 sq.km                                                                                                                   
Capital: Yerevan
Big cities: Gyumri, Vanadzor
Administrative structure: 11 provinces (marzes) (including the capital Yerevan, which has province (marz) status)
Bordering: with Georgia to the North, with Azerbaijan to the East, with Iran to the South, with Azerbaijan to the South-West and with Turkey to the West.
Country’s average height above the sea level: 1800m.  
Ethnic composition: 96% Armenians
National minorities: Russians, Yezidis, Kurds, Assyrians, Ukrainians, Jews and etc.
Official language: Armenian
Religion: The majority of the population are Christians
 President:  Serzh Sargsyan
 Population: 3 316 000
 National currency: Armenian Dram
Country code:  +374

Why to visit Armenia?

The name “Armenia” (“Hayastan” in Armenian) is coming from the patriarch Hayk, who in 2492 B.C. defeated the Assyrian Bell and established the first Armenian state. In the Middle Ages the Persian suffix “stan” (meaning “country”) was added to the name and the country got the name “Hayastan”.

By visiting Armenia you will appear in a magic and tiny world, with the area of only 30,000 sq.km, which is located in the crossroad of Europe and Asia, where the colors of East and West are joining.  The Armenia’s ancient history is written in its mountains. Armenia’s history is engaged with the history of the ancient world. This fact is witnessed in the ancient books and manuscripts of Matenadaran, the stories of ancient historians (Plinius, Herodotus), who have witnessed stories about Armenians’ participation in Troy Battle, defeat of Assyria and Babylonl and you will amaze if you learn that an area of 30,000 sq.km was ever called “Sea to Sea Armenia”.   

This tiny country is the first nation who has adopted the Christianity as the state religion in 301. In 2001, when the country was celebrating the 1700-th anniversary of Christianity adoption, the Pope John Paul II has visited Armenia and took part in the celebration. 

You will see the capital of Armenia Yerevan, which is one of the ancient cities in the world. It was founded in 782 B.C. (29 years earlier than Rome). Here you may find all the necessary and modern conditions for your rest. You will see very interesting historical monuments next to the modern buildings and rest areas of Yerevan: the castle of Erebuni, the remnants of Zvartnots temple and etc.

Here you will enjoy the taste of the sweet and unforgettable Armenian pomegranate and apricot and you will learn that in Europe for long time the apricot was called “Armenian apple”, given that the apricot expanded to Europe from Armenia. You will enjoy the Armenian music, hear the sounds of duduk, which has become one of the famous Eastern music instrument for the Western musicians. You will enjoy the unforgettable taste of koniak (Armenian brandy) and wine in a country, which has 6000 years old wine production history; the remnants of the ancient wine production factory in Areni village verify this fact. Every year “Wine Festival” is being organized in Areni village, which gives a big opportunity to discover Armenia. If once you have participated in the Wine Festival, you will never forget the impressions you got there.You will be  excited by the unusual and  exotic things (traditional glass, wooden ornaments, dried fruits, hand-mad carpets which are  ). Besides the local hand crafts there are also modern shopping centers. The city’s biggest shopping centres are Dalma Mall and the Yerevan Mall, a modern shopping and leisure complex . Also you can find many shopes with the  best-known  brands, expensive boutiques, jewellery shops, cafes ,restaurants on Northern Avenue.  

Before landing to Armenia, the biblical mountain Ararat, the symbol of Armenians, catches your eye from the plane. The mountain, standing on the border, will follow you wherever you go. 

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