Where to go

Everyone asks the question “Where to take rest?” who is planning his rest out of home.

We will try to assist in finding solution to this hard question.In the beginning you have to choose the type of your rest:                                                       

Beach rest

Treatment and reinforcement

Bus tours

Excursion tours


Mountain skiing

Individual tours

One of the important factors of tour selection is the price. The price of the tour depends on many factors: arrival time, duration of stay, hotel class, meals, number of tourists, discount availability and etc. We recommend to book your trip in prior; in this case it would be possible to book the tickets with most affordable prices, and use the hotel discounts for early birds.

The list of countries where it is possible to take rest is big enough, most often our compatriots choose the Mediterranean countries due to direct flight availability and mild climate. For families with small children no long distance flights and sharp climate change are recommended. You may choose Mediterranean or Black Sea beaches with direct flights from Yerevan, i.e.: Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus (Limassol, Larnaka)… If your children are older, please pay attention to the availability of kids mini clubs in hotels and in entertainment parks.

The tourists who apart of beach like the night life, wild parties and events, may choose the hotel located not far from the resort center. Youth resorts are the following European resorts: Cyprus (Agia Napa), Bulgaria, Rhodes island, resorts of Italy and Spain (Majorca, Ibitsa)… You may travel to those countries via direct flights from Yerevan.  

If the tourists are newlyweds and willing to stay alone far from others, then the best case is the trip to islands. The most popular ones are:  Seychelles, Maldives. From the point of view of cost, the most affordable will be the Maldives.  We would like to pay your attention that due to geographical location of the islands during summer time there is a possibility of rain. However, the short rains will not harm newlyweds to enjoy their time and unbelievable nice nature.

The travelers, who had chance to enjoy the beach rest in Cyprus, Egypt and various excursion programs at European countries, now choose untraditional ones – the exotic countries for the next rest: Thailand, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Cuba, Dominica). The exotic countries are mostly popular during the winter season. In some exotic countries it is possible to take rest even during the summer: it is possible to take rest in this country during whole the year. It is more comfortable in Pattaya, Samui and Ko-Chang islands during the summer.  The rains in Pattaya will be short, so you will have time to take sunbath and enjoy your swimming.

Apart of tropics, you may choose UAE and Egypt.Egypt is a cheap rout by itself. It is hard to imagine more logical prices for rest. In most cases, the hotels of Egypt work on All-inclusive system. It makes you happy! Many tourists prefer spending their winter rest in UAE. Only in UAE the metal and glass skyscrapers are neighboring to the eastern bazaars, limousines to camels, the traditional women cloth “abaya” to dresses of the known couturiers at luxurious boutiques. Both, comfortable for winter temperature 25-28 C and hot enough water temperature (19-20 C) make UAE the place of winter rest. In the coast of the Indian Ocean of the Eastern side of UAE, it is possible to take rest during the summer. There is located the youngest and beautiful emirate Fujairah an untouched treasure of the Arabian Sea. Fujairah attracts tourists with its mild climate, there is not so hot as in other emirates: Hajar mountains and Indian Ocean whose temperature during the summer does not exceed 28C, make the climate mild and not hot. The advantage of Fujairah are All-Inclusive services offered by its nice hotels, the summer prices will surprise you.

Not all the people choose the sea, the Sun and decide to spend their rest during cold months in skiing resorts. The famous bases of France, Austria, Italy and of course of Switzerland are overloaded with tourists. Let’s remember that the excursion tours are popular not only during the summer, but also during the winter. Many snow-covered European cities attract romantic-mood tourists.

Whatever country you choose, you will discover something new and mysterious…